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For over 50 years, Aztec Plastic has developed expertise for working with a wide variety of industrial plastics. Our machining experts have experience working with both thermoset and thermoplastic and know how to combat the common problems like expansion in high heat and moisture absorption.

Thermoset plastics, like epoxy, melamines and PTFE, don’t melt, have common formulas, are brittle, and prone to chipping. Thermoplastic, on the other hand, is the largest class of plastic, which includes PVC, Teflon, Polyethelene, ABC Acetal, and more. It also melts and reforms easily without chemically changing.

How our plastic machining process works

With plastic machining, it’s vitally important to limit the amount of heat used. Aztec Plastic manages the temperature by reducing friction induced heat through monitoring cutting speeds and feed ratings, maintaining the sharpness of cutting tools, using coolants, and more. Plastic machining is ideal for lower yields of products as well as prototyping.

Benefits of plastic machining

  • Machining plastics is generally lower in cost than injection molding, because it doesn’t require specialized molds to be developed.
  • The machining process produces tighter dimensional tolerances than other methods like injection molding.
  • The amount of stress placed on the materials is limited, too, compared to injection molding.

Plastic machining services we offer

Plastic cutting – Although it can cause some heat, if the proper precautions are taken to avoid thermal warping, cutting can be an effective method to achieve the desired size and shape of industrial plastics.

Plastic turning – Using a lathe, the plastic is rotated to allow a stationary cutting tool to cut and remove excess material to reach the desired design.

Plastic milling – Milling operations rotate a cutting tool around the plastic to achieve the desired dimensions.

Plastic drilling – Although the risk of overheating can be high, the skilled technicians at Aztec Plastics and the right drill can create both large and small diameter holes in plastic products without damaging the structure.

Plastic grinding – Similar to plastic milling, grinding removes chips of plastic from the product to alter its shape by continuously shearing the plastic to reach a smooth, uniform finish.

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