Metal Machining Services

Custom parts: From prototyping to small batch and all the way up to high volume production part manufacturing
  • Wide range of in-house CNC metal machining processes
  • 3-axis and 5-axis dimensional cutting on soft and hard metal alloys
  • Optional attractive and high-quality decorative finishes
  • ITAR Registered / ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100D Certified

Aztec Plastic Corp. has been providing top-quality CNC metal machining services for over 50 years. In that time we have produced countless custom prototypes and end-use parts using 3-axis and 5-axis machining processes. We work to your project needs, whether that’s for high-volume, low-volume, or mixed production. No matter what, you can always trust Aztec as the leading CNC metal machinists for your part production needs.

Our CNC metal machining services are used in many different manufacturing applications, such as tooling, prototyping, and end-use production. We have a team of expert machinists with years of experience for any metal alloy and any precision tolerance. With our many machining processes, we can cut and refine metals to specific geometric shapes and tolerances. Finally, we can leave parts as-milled or apply an attractive, high-quality finish, like anodizing and chromate plating, for corrosion-resistance, conductivity, and refined aesthetics.

Learn more about our metal machining processes below. If you have any questions or are ready to request a quote, contact us today!

Our CNC metal machining services

We offer many different machining processes using a wide range of lathes, drill presses, milling machines and other cutting tools for producing the right geometric shapes and sizes to your part specifications

Milling – The CNC machine uses a high-speed multi-point cutting tool that removes metal from a raw block or sheet. The machine controls the tool head, speed of the tool, cut deepness, speed, feed rate, and material coordination. Milling is commonly used on hard metals for cutting unique shapes and/or complex dimensions, such as geared, grooved, or slotted workpieces.

Turning – A CNC lathe machine spins material on a horizontal or vertical axis while a fixed single-point cutting tool moves around it, cutting the metal into the desired shape. This process is mostly used for cylindrical or rotational parts, but can also be used for threading, drilling, taper turning and reaming. Each operation requires individual set-up and appropriate tool changes.

Routing – span A rotating router bit cuts along the X- and Y-axes of softer sheet metals. With the workpiece secured on a table, the cutting tool moves along the material’s plane. This process works best for large-scale cutting applications like mass engraving/product development and thermoforming.

Boring – Cutting a minimal amount of material from inside the workpiece, and slowly feeding the boring tool along the workpiece’s axis to enlarge existing holes or create lateral holes with high accuracy and precision. Boring is a popular choice for achieving specific diameters in large components, such as engine blocks, industrial and consumer appliances, and aerospace applications.

Honing – A rotating abrasive stone removes excessive ruptured material to reach the base metal. Using controlled pressure, the abrasive stone rotates and reciprocates until resulting in a smooth and polished surface finish. Honing improves dimensional accuracy and bore tolerance in many applications, like consumer products, automotive, and construction/agriculture.


Our metal machining process

We use G-code programming and 3-axis indexed, 5-axis indexed, and 5-axis continuous cutting processes according to your product’s tolerance and geometric requirements. Our machinists have access to several tool sets that they equipt to the machine, depending on project production speed and quantity.

Metal alloys materials

We offer custom machining for hard and soft metal alloys. Let us know if you don’t see the material you need.

Aluminum – Aluminum 6061, 5052, 2024, 6063, 7050, 7075, and Aluminum MIC-6

Alloy Steel – Steel 1018, 1215, 4130, 4140, 4140PH, 4340, A2 Tool Steel, 01 Tool Steel

Brass – Copper 260, 360

Bronze – Copper C932

Copper – Copper 101, C110

Stainless Steel – Stainless Steel 15-5, 17-4, 18-8, 303, 316/316L, 416, 410, 420, 440C, Nitronic 60 (218 SS)

Titanium – Titanium Grade 2, Grade 5

Zinc – Zinc Alloy

ABS Steel and Carbon Steel


Dimensions, tolerances, and radii

Aztec can maintain tolerances +/- 0.005 inches within nominal thickness above 0.04 inches. Part of metal machining may further include radiusing (rounding) sharp inside corners.

Dimensions Materials U.S. Measurements
3-Axis Aluminum 22 in. x 14 in. x 3.75 in.
5-Axis Titanium
Stainless Steel
Alloy SteelBrass
10 in. x 7 in. X 1.75 in.
5-Axis Copper 10 in. x 7 in. x 2.75 in.
5-Axis AluminumPlastic 10 in. x 7 in. x 3.75 in.

Finishing specifications

Parts can be left as-milled showing visible tool marks, or we can apply an attractive, high-quality finish. For machined metal, anodizing and chromate plating are your best choices. We offer MIL-A-8625 Type II Class 1 (clear) and Class 2 (black) anodize, MIL-A-8625 Type III Class 2 (black) hard anodize, and MIL-DTL-5541 Type II Class 3 (clear) chromate.

Need expedited service? Ask about our quick-turn finishing! We also offer precision machining for complex anodizing and plating requirements like those needed for specialized coloring or material options.

Finishing options

Many of our decorative processes, such as imprinting and laser etching, work well with machined metals. We’ll determine the best decorative and packaging services that will make your products stand out.

Benefits of metal machining

  • Lower manufacturing cost
  • Uniform, precise, and rapid part production for high-volume, low-volume, and high-mix low-volume
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