Industrial Plastic Decorative Services

We give your products an attractive, high quality finish
plastic decorative
  • Hues and finishes to meet any design requirements
  • Cost effective decorative processes
  • Several plastic decorative methods

Aztec Plastic provides a wide variety of decorative services that make your products more distinctive, memorable, and original. We specialize in creating decorative plastic parts through pad printing, hot stamping, painting, and plating, as well as plating for EMI and RFI shielding. Depending on your particular plastic product, requirements, and desired look, our team works with you to determine the best decorating method for your particular project.

Our plastic decorating methods

Pad printing – Plastic pad printing transfers ink from a silicone pad onto a custom etched design while automated equipment shuttles the pad, depositing the design on the specified location. This method is generally used to showcase a company logo, instructions, warning descriptions, or other text information.

Hot stamping – Plastic hot stamping is a cost effective decoration process that involves transferring a decorative polyester foil to the plastic part using a heated die to produce a high quality result. The foil can be metallized to provide a range of metal finishes, including the most common ones like gloss, matte or brushed chrome, and silver or gold. Hot Stamping is a dry process that will ultimately reduce your costs due to quick production times and low expenses for packaging .

Plating – Plastic plating is a process that adds metallic coatings to your thermoplastic parts through electroplating for either functional or decorative purposes. Before plastics can be electroplated, they’re first metalized by etching the surface, then coating the roughened surface with traces of a metal.

EMI and RFI shielding – Plastic EMI and RFI shielding refers to applying a coating to plastic electronic casings to protect devices from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. The product that we apply to the plastic casing is usually an acrylic based spray, but it can also be a paint or a coating.

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