Contract Manufacturing and Assembly

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contract manufacturing
  • We work with a wide variety of industries
  • Streamlined, turnkey plastic solutions
  • Our process reduces your production times and cost

At Aztec Plastic we manage a customer’s complete product lifecycle. We provide expert integrated end-to-end supply chain management for custom contract manufacturing and assembly, from creative conception through the end of the product’s life. With our contract manufacturing and project/product management capabilities, Aztec can help you achieve fast, low cost market introductions and market penetrations with these programs. This approach allows our customers maximum flexibility and a low cost advantage for entering and maintaining a presence in any market.

Why companies partner with Aztec Plastic Company

Contract manufacturing enables OEMs to produce components in less time and improves the efficiency of their supply chain. Contract manufacturers work with OEM planners to level out fluctuations in demand, leading to steady production and efficient supply chain management.

By partnering with Aztec Plastic, manufacturers free up resources to focus on strategy, sales, core competencies, and expanding their businesses, while lowering material, labor, and energy costs. We handle the entire process, including sourcing, purchasing, molding, finishing, assembly, and shipping the plastic components required for your products.

Who uses plastic contract manufacturing

Our plastic contract manufacturing capabilities are put to work in a wide range of industries for OEMs, both domestic and global. These industries include medical/healthcare, industrial, agricultural, lawn and garden, appliances, consumer products, marine, recreational, utility vehicles, and more. The high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, excellent tear strength, and oil resistance of industrial plastics make them ideal for producing high quality products in these industries.
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