Plastic Machining


Plastic machining is often regarded as being mystifying or even a form of art due to the unyielding principles of plastic. Some plastics expand five times more than some metals at similar temperatures. Others, like nylons, can absorb moisture in the air and actually increase in size. So how does Aztec Plastic combat problems such as these?

Over the last 40 years of plastics experience we have developed an expertise in working these materials. Our machining experts have experience working with both thermoset and thermoplastic. Thermoset plastics, like expoxy, melamines and PTFE, have common formulas and are brittle, prone to chipping and doesn’t melt. Thermoplastic is the largest class of plastic, which includes PVC, Teflon, Polyethelene, ABC Acetal and more. It also melts and reforms easily without chemically changing.

With plastic machining, it’s vitally important to limit the amount of heat used. Aztec Plastic does this by reducing friction-induced heat by monitoring cutting speeds and feed ratings, maintaining the sharpness of cutting tools, using coolants and more. Plastic machining is ideal for lower yields of products as well as prototyping.


  • Machining plastics is generally lower in cost, because it doesn’t require the creation of specialized molds.
  • This process produces tighter dimensional tolerances than others, like injection molding.
  • It limits the amount of stress placed on the materials than with injection molding.

Hear From Our Clients

“They’re fantastic… Very giving with their information and very fast. Very helpful when doing background research.”

Hear from our Clients

“They’re not scared to take on the hard jobs. Always willing to go the extra bid and willing to stay no if they can’t do it… they are willing to be a better supplier…

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