Delrin® Plastic

Excellent for electrical, engine, and medical components
industrial plastics
  • Tough, durable plastic
  • One of the most widely used thermoplastics
  • Excellent wear properties

Delrin is an acetal homopolymer thermoplastic that is perfect for creating a wide variety of components. It maintains its toughness, rigidity, and dimensional stability, even at extremely high temperatures. Along with excellent wear resistance, Delrin’s unique properties make it one of the most widely used thermoplastics in existence today.

Why use Delrin plastic

Frictional characteristics – Delrin has a low coefficient of friction, especially in wet or moist environments, which helps reduce the wear rates for the parts and components made from it.

High strength – Delrin is crystalline and does not become brittle, even when exposed to very high temperatures or to other harsh conditions. It provides the rigidity, toughness, and strength required by automotive, electrical, medical, and other components.

Low moisture – Delrin plastic absorbs only minimal amounts of moisture, making it ideal for parts operating in wet or damp conditions.

Easy to fabricate – Delrin is typically available in rods or sheets that can be easily machined, injection molded, and formed to almost any desired specification. Any machining tool that is capable of high speed without vibration can be used in the development process.

Applications of Delrin

We use Delrin for metal replacement in a wide range of industrial and mechanical components. With the advanced injection molding and machining capabilities at Aztec Plastic, we engineer:

  • Engine gears, bearings, valves, springs, cams, and fan wheels
  • Pump and valve components regularly exposed to moisture
  • Ski bindings
  • Electrical insulators
  • Surgical instruments
  • Food conveyors
  • And more!