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Torlon Plastic Is Changing Manufacturing Forever 

Torlon is like no other plastic. Made out of trimellitic anhydride and aromatic diamines, Torlon plastic is a polyamide-imide (PAI) and a non-crystalline thermoplastic. It is the highest performing thermoplastic that is still melt processable.

What does this mean for engineers, product developers and manufacturers? It means Torlon has many advantages over other plastics and can be used in a variety of products.

Ready for tough jobs, Torlon is unmatched by other plastics

Torlon’s far reaching uses in many different industries are made possible by its unique properties. 

  1. Torlon has a high heat distortion and continuous service temperature. It has more strength at high temperatures than other engineered plastics have at room temperature. In fact, it can perform at 500°F and has a glass transition temperature of 537°F.
  2. Torlon comes in multiple variations, each with unique benefits. For example, Torlon 4203 has great compressive strength and electrical insulation.
  3. Torlon is extremely durable, and you can use it to create high impact resistant and corrosion resistant products, reducing replacement and labor costs.
  4. Torlon is also chemical resistant and largely unaffected by chemicals, such as aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, and chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons. Even most acids do not impact Torlon at moderate temperatures.
  5. Torlon is flame retardant. In fact, Torlon is popular in the aerospace industry, because it satisfies the industry’s strict flammability requirements.

How Torlon plastic is used in manufacturing 

With all these exceptional properties, Torlon can often replace metal. Unlike many other plastics, Torlon is tough enough to do the jobs conventionally reserved for metals with additional benefits. For example, Torlon is half the weight of aluminum, making products lighter without impacting functionality. Moreover, Torlon can be injection molded, compression molded, and machined into final forms, giving engineers much greater flexibility than with metal. Because injection molding is low cost, you can save time and money by utilizing Torlon. 

With its mechanical strength and durability, Torlon plastic is suitable for high stress situations. This high performing plastic can be found in the aerospace industry, semiconductor manufacturing, turbomachinery, and chemical process pumps. Torlon 4203 (electrical grade) is an excellent choice for electrical connectors and insulators, while Torlon 4301 (bearing grade) is often used for non-lubricated bearings, bearing cages and reciprocating compressor parts. Torlon 5530 (glass-reinforced grade) is suitable for rotors, insulators, impellers and bum-in sockets. Torlon resin is also used to create clip nuts on jetliner aircraft, as they won’t scratch through protective coating or corrode during use. 

We’re getting close to a non-iron car 

One of the most exciting new areas of Torlon application is in the automotive industry. Specifically, the industry is exploring building engines out of plastic. Although the technology is still being developed for full plastic cars and engines, more and more auto parts are being manufactured using Torlon. 

If you’re ready to use Torlon, we can help

Aztec Plastic received Approved Vendor Status from Solvay Advanced Polymers for molding and machining Torlon. Our Torlon screws are often used in high voltage isolation, thermal isolation, rectifiers, and high and low voltage inverter parts. 

We use Torlon to solve problems in various industries. For example, we produce high performing and long lasting poppets and spools with Torlon to fight the common leakage problem in hydraulic power systems. 

If you are considering Torlon as your next solution, contact us to find out how our products and services can help you.


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