High Performance Plastics in Fluid Power Systems

sae international off-highway engineering

Aztec has a wide variety of manufacturing operations for its customers including machining, drilling, tapping, stamping, centerless grinding, and ultrasonic welding.

In the June 1999 issue of SAE International’s Off-Highway Engineering, Aztec Plastic highlights how new parts made of TORLON are delivering superior performance and service over steel poppets and spools for the ever-changing fluid power systems.

Traditional steel poppets and spools that are typically used in Fluid power systems generally require frequent rebuilds and have shown issues with leaking fluid. Aztec Plastic Company is doing something about the leakage problem in poppets and spools, and its customers are seeing some dramatic results. The custom injection molding company specializes in metal replacement, using structural composites and engineering resins in place of conventional materials. Aztec is making poppets and spools that give hydraulic systems higher performance and much longer life by using TORLON. 

Components made from TORLON provide some of the following benefits:

  • Lighter than steel, resulting in a quicker response
  • Has the ability to hold sharp contours, increasing the system’s performance
  • Strength at high temperatures
  • High resistance to creep and wear
  • Low friction-wear characteristics

Aztec’s customers’ engineers are saying that hydraulic poppets and spools made from TORLON are remaining leakless after more than one million cycles.

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