Plastic Injection Molding for the Agriculture and Construction Industries

Precise, strong, wear resistant parts
  • Plastic components for equipment and materials
  • Large production run capabilities
  • Contract manufacturing services available

Injection molded plastic parts provide a cost effective option for an extensive range of applications in the agriculture and construction industries. Various thermoplastics and resins are less expensive than metal, up to 50% lighter, and have excellent corrosion, rot, and weather resistance. Our industrial plastic and injection molding capabilities allow us to produce custom gears, wear pads, sheaves, housings, plug seals, nuts with gaskets, electrical components, poppets, and more for construction and farming equipment. The plastic parts we create meet the tightest tolerances, offer design flexibility, and are long lasting. Our plastic production process is predominantly automated. Once underway, our machines operate unattended, curbing labor needs, a cost reduction that we then pass along to our customers.

Benefits of plastic for construction and agricultural equipment

  • Lightweight and durable – Plastics can withstand abuse and are very resistant to heat and corrosion. Because these components are lightweight, the equipment is lighter and easier to move.
  • Corrosion resistance – Wood and metal rots, rusts, and corrodes over time when exposed to the elements. Industrial plastics do not, so these components will have a much longer service life.
  • Withstand the elements – Plastic components and parts achieve very tight seals that many other materials cannot, which makes them ideal for weatherization related jobs.
  • Cost effectiveness – Plastics are typically low cost, particularly when compared to materials like wood, metal, and glass.

Our plastic injection molded products for agriculture and construction applications can be customized to meet any standards or requirements for any project.

Plastic building materials

In addition to manufacturing parts for equipment, injection molding is also used in the production of building materials. We create plastic components for everything from flooring and roofing, to insulation, pipes, walls, doors, and even windows. We use a variety of plastics, including Torlon, nylon, acetyl, polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, and polycarbonate.

Torlon for agriculture and construction

Half the weight of aluminum and as strong as steel at temperatures as high as 500°F, Torlon is well suited and very popular for equipment components. A common use for Torlon is to create poppet valves, which control the timing and quantity gas and vapor release in engines. Poppet values constructed from Torlon create a leak free environment, as opposed to metal poppets, which are prone to leaks, allowing contaminants to enter the engine.
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