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Polymer Components for Fluid Power Systems

Aztec Plastic has been combating leakage problems in poppets and spools by using torlon polyamideimide from Amoco Polymers, with its customers seeing dramatic results.

As hydraulic power systems undergo design changes to handle heavier loads and provide longer service life, internal components are changing. Where steel poppets and spools were once sufficient for  most fluid power applications, new parts made of an advanced engineering polymer are delivering superior performance and service.

Fluid power systems for earth moving and agricultural equipment are changing. For years, the industry standard for pressure within fluid power systems has been 21 MPa (3000 psi). However, new technologies are allowing engineers to design systems that run up to 34 MPa (5000 psi), which is a significant advance. Operating at higher pressure gives a fluid power system the capacity to do much more work. Another advantage is that a much smaller system can do the same work that once required a larger system.

Traditional steep poppets and spools have served as a barrier to higher, more efficient operating pressures. Designers accept the fact that steel parts will leak to some degree during normal operation, and that the leakage will increase with the number of operating cycles. Systems that use steel poppets and spools generally require frequent rebuilds.  

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