Mining - Oil and Gas

Mining, Oil and Gas

Aztec Plastic has been a trailblazing Pioneer in Plastic Injection Molding when it comes to the Mining, Oil and gas Industries. Since 1970 Aztec Plastic has been in the forefront in supporting and providing manufacturing alternatives for the high demand of Plastic solutions within the Mining, Oil and Gas Industry.

Due to the extreme environments associated with the Mining, Oil and Gas industries, there has been an increased demand for state-of-the-art materials that offer High and Low-Temperature resistance, High-Tolerance capability, High-Pressure High-Strength options and strong Chemical Resistant properties.

Aztec Plastic’s experience and expertise with the manufacturing and injection molding of High-engineered materials like PEEK, Torlon, Ultem, PAEK, PVC and specially engineered resins has long-supported the new-technical challenges and advances in technology.

Additionally, it should be noted that other advantages exist with the High-engineered materials that include replacement for Metal Parts and Assemblies through weight reduction, thermal resistance, minimized noise reduction, lower costing and corrosion resistance. In many cases high-engineered resins out-perform metals that have long been the widely accepted standard.

Our capabilities and services offer cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with Plastic Injection Molding and the Machining of High-Engineered materials that are critical for the Mining, Oil and Gas Sector.

The types of Parts and Products that lend itself to these engineered materials are Housings, Gears, Valves, Connectors, Rings, Seals, Fasteners and Bushings.

These types of Parts, Products and or Assemblies are ideal for the Plastic Injection Molding process as it lends itself to predictable High-tolerance repeatability and High-production or Low-production High-mix needs.

Whatever the application, most often High-engineered Plastic Materials and Resins can far exceed the quality requirements, standards and specifications that are stipulated or associated for Parts, Products, and or Assemblies used in the Mining, Oil and Gas industry.

The Aztec Advantage

At Aztec Plastic, we do our best to be a flexible asset and partner to our Customers. Whether it is High Production, High Mix Low Production, Developmental or Conceptual, we adapt our Business to best support our Customer’s Needs and Concerns.

Our mission is to be the highest quality driven organization that utilizes the latest cutting-edge manufacturing technologies striving towards continuous improvement. Our goal ultimately is to be the benchmark for our Customer’s suppliers.

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