Polyaryletherketone (PAEK) is a class of semi-crystalline thermoplastic that boasts remarkable strength, flexibility and durability. Other thermoplastics in this family include: Polyetherketon (PEK), Polyetheretherketone (PEEK), Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK), Polyetheretherketoneketone (PEEKK) and Polyetherketoneetherketoneketone (PEKEKK).  PEEK plastic is the most popular of the plastics in the PAEK family, due to it's wide variety of applications. 

The main features that makes PAEK such a great thermoplastic for machining are:

  1. Wear resistance
  2. Mechanical and chemical resistance
  3. Electrical insulation
  4. Low moisture absorption
  5. Corrosion resistance
  6. Abrasion resistance
  7. Flame Retardant
  8. Machinability

The powerful combination of thermal stability, chemical resistance and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures makes it one of the most versatile thermoplastics with applications in many industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical. Their heat and chemical resistance allow the plastics that comprise the PAEK family to be used in variety of applications. Major uses include seals, valves, and bearings for oil drilling, surgical implants, chemical pumps, and automotive gears.  PAEK plastics have the least toxic and corrosive fumes, as well as allow heat output, when burned, making it applicable for use aviation interiors. 

It can be machined using injection molding, extrusion, compression molding and transfer molding.

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