Whether you need a plastic component to stand up to high temperatures, want to replace a metal component, or something else entirely, Aztec Plastic works with a variety of materials that can help deliver robust solutions. Learn more about the materials we work with to find one that works for you and your needs. 

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Metal Replacement

Replacing metal with plastic offers many, specialized advantages. Learn Plastic why plastic has become the ideal material in manufacturing parts and prototypes.

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Thermoplastic polymers have many different applications because of they are lightweight, incredibly strong and generally low in cost. Learn more about this versatile plastic.

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Polyaryletherketone (PAEK) is a class of semi-crystalline thermoplastic that boasts remarkable strength, flexibility and durability. If you're considering a PAEK solution, find out how Aztec can help you.

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Torlon plastic is the highest-performing thermoplastic that is still melt processable, which makes it the go-to polymer for many different applications. Learn more.

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Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) is a strong thermoplastic used in a variety of industries and applications. Learn if PEEK is the right choice for you.

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