Non-Intrusive Medical

Non-intrusive medical products play a vital part of the medical industry even though they are items that aren't implanted or placed within the body.  

Due to their lightweight and sustainable nature, machined plastics has become a staple in creating non-intrusive medical parts, like parts of beds, housings for thermometers, medical basins, and more.   Materials like Torlon and PEEK are ideal for manufacturing these parts because of its strength, resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and high-temperatures.  Medical products need to be able to withstand repeated autoclave and chemical sterilizations.   

Thermoplastics also allows a versatility in design.  Medical products can be injection molded with warning or instruction labels, and come in a variety of colors, and can even include graphics.  Also, since materials like PEEK and Torlon are at least 33% lighter than metals, it makes a lighter, easily-transportable product.  

However, creating medical supplies requires meeting extremely exacting standards to maintain close tolerances.  Aztec Plastics has decades of experience creating thermoplastic medical components like [insert products] and we have the following certifications and comply [insert FDA Regulations].  We are honored to produce the best possible medical components that has an important part in health and healing.  

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