Products and parts designed for the Department of Defense (DoD) must be able to meet strict federal mandates due to their use in high-pressure situations.  These products must be able to withstand heat, chemicals and unpredictable environments while continuing with work with unfailing reliability.  

The military relies on machined plastics, such as PEEK and Torlon, because they are about 33% lighter than standard metals, and it is resistant to corrosion, rust, salt and has a low flammability.  Thus, machined plastic parts are more durable, longer lasting and offers an ease of mobility that you cannot find in metal.  Finally, thermoplastics offers a freedom of design.  They can take on any shape and color, and even have instructions or warnings molded directly into the plastic. 

By replacing components that were once metal with injection molded plastics, it ultimately improves equipment mobility, durability, safety and even stealth.

Also, the U.S. Navy utilizes thermoplastics for decades.  While salt water causes metals to rust, injection molded parts are not only corrision-resistant, they are also waterproof and have a low flamability. Naval ships and aircraft carriers are outfitted with machined plastic parts made from toilets that flush sea water, plastic bushings, ship moorings, nozzles, plugs, pads, nozzles, and more.  

Aztec Plastics has experience with manufacturing or designing parts for the military, and takes pride in manufacturing products that helps protect our troops.