Consumer Products

When it comes to Consumer Product Manufacturing Aztec Plastic has been a High-Performance World-Class Leader helping our Customers get their Products and Programs to Market – On Time – with the highest possible quality and cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

Aztec is a One-Stop Full-Service Turn-Key custom manufacturer of Goods and Products to the fast-paced Consumer Product Market. We provide Plastic Injection Molding and Value-Added Services that include full manufacturing, assembly, machining, decorative applications, packaging, kitting, printing, creative design all focused on market penetration and time to market.

utilizes the most advanced technologies in manufacturing to deliver to our Customers the highest quality Products to the competitive Consumer marketplace. We can offer options for decorative secondary processes that enhance beauty and can improve the all-around aesthetic properties, the look and feel of our customers products and ultimately to the consumers satisfaction and preferences.

Whether products require complex or simple manufacturing processes, assembly, packaging or kitting, our skilled workforce can offer solutions which can accommodate a variety of needs that are inherent within Consumer Products.

Our extensive experience within this industry allows us to provide early involvement engineering that can assist in evaluation of industrial design, prototype, manufacture, assembly and packaging. Companies around the world rely on Aztec Plastic to provide innovative materials and solutions to their products and programs.