Construction Equipment 

When imagining construction equipment, the hulking gold metal of earth movers, cranes and jack hammers may come to mind.  The last material thing you may envision, however, is machined plastic.  

Plastic parts have actually had many beneficial applications in the construction equipment industry.  Not only are machined plastics 33 to 50% lighter than traditional steels, they are resistant to corrosion and rust, and exhibit little wear even without lubrication.  They also reduce noise and maintain their integrity in extreme temperatures.  Finally, they are less expensive to manufacture and reduces the weight of heavy machinery.  

Currently, thermoplastics, like PEEK, PAEK, and Torlon, are used to make arm rests, door panels, outrigger pads, sheaves and pulleys, deflector shields and instrument panel clusters and more though injection molding or CNC machining.  

Machined plastics are also impressively used as hydralic stablizing legs to support large machinery.  Becaue thermoplastics maintains its strength in extreme temperatures and as resistant to wear, chemicals, fire and corrosion, they are used to lock drill masts into place and stabilizes utility trucks.  these machined plastic parts can support anywhere from 60,000 to 115,000 pounds.  

Aztec Plastics has decades of experience in designing and producing plastic parts that helps build the community around you and more.