Due to rising fuel costs and stricter emissions requirements, consumers have all but demanded more environmentally conscious automobiles that still meet strict industry safety standards and were affordable.

Auto manufacturers, desperate to produce lighter, more fuel-efficient cars, embraced thermoplastics.  Not only do they remain stable and functional in extreme temperatures and less expensive to purchase and manufacture, thermoplastics are up to 50% lighter traditional metals and resistant to fire and rust. 

Dashboards, bumpers, fluid tanks, handles, buttons, casings, clamps, containers, sockets, replacement parts, and more are all created from injection molded plastics.  This produces a lighter, more fuel-efficient car that maintains strength of flexibility for safety and has the added benefit of reducing cabin noise.  Presently, vehicles are produced with about 13% machined plastics, which can reduce fuel consumption by about 5 to 7%.  

Automotive manufacturers are also planning to extend the life of their vehicles with plastic replacement parts.  Furthermore, the use of thermoplastics to ensure that they can be recycled to increase sustainability and reduce the amount of waste at the end of the vehicle’s time on the road. 

By 2020, car manufacturers aim to increase their use of thermoplastics in their products by 75%.  Aztec Plastics has been on the cutting edge of this industry for years due to their decades of experience in producing automotive parts from Torlon,  PEEK, PAEK, Polymers and more, and we are ready to meet the increased demand in the years to come.  


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