Aztec Plastic Injection Molding and Contract Manufacturing and Assembly continues to be recognized as a high-performance world-class leader within the Automotive Industry. We are a One-stop Full Turn-Key Full-Service Manufacturer of Automotive components and accessories.

For nearly 50 years Aztec Plastics has been a strategic innovative Leader to the Automotive Industry providing high-performance manufacturing excellence in Plastic Injection Molding and Contract Manufacturing / Assembly. We utilize the most advanced technologies in manufacturing to deliver to our Customers the highest quality critical parts required throughout the Automotive Industry.

We are specialists in the Plastic Injection Molding of High-Performance Plastics and materials used in high performance Automotive applications. Products that require high-temperature resistance, wear resistance and chemical resistance, increased mechanical performance, structural performance, conductivity and dimensional stability.

Whether our Customers needs require the manufacturing of individual high-tolerance components, complex assemblies or sub-assemblies, functional parts, products with high Aesthetic requirements or Decorative processes, Aztec Plastics continually strives to exceed the expectations of our Customers and surpass the high-quality standards required throughout the Automotive Industry. We aim to be the Industry Benchmark in Plastic Injection Molding and Assembly.

Our core values, culture and mission is to operate our business with the highest Integrity and Ethical Ideologies focused on excellence and achievement. To continually develop lasting relationships and associations with our customers, employees, and suppliers that are based on mutual respect and Dignity.

Innovative solution-based manufacturing through listening and responding to our Customers’ needs and requirements.

Please review a sample list of the materials we specialize in manufacturing for the high demanding Automotive Industry.

Automotive Parts Replacement

Torlon Makrolon
PEEK LCP Vectran
Nylon Valox
Polypropylene Acetal
Acrylic PBT
Polycarbonate Polyethylene
Ultem Polystyrene
PVC Noryl
ABS Lexan
Thermoplasitc Elastomers