In the last twenty years, machined plastics has become an integral part of the agriculture industry.  The shift from traditional metal parts has been so revolutionary that is has been dubbed “Plasticulture” by industry insiders.

 Beyond being less inexpensive than its metal counterparts, plastic components are significantly lighter—up to 50% lighter in some comparisons—more resistant to corrosion, wear and heat.

Injection Molding—a manufacturing process that creates custom objects by injecting a desired material into a custom mold—is a popular method for creating plastic products for the agriculture industry.

Agriculture gears, wear pads, sheaves, housings, plug seals, nuts with gaskets, electrical components, and poppet are generally produced for the farming industry through injection molding.

Torlon is impressively half as light as aluminum and yet it retains the strength of traditional steels, even at temperatures exceeding 400°F.   For instance, a poppet valve is a common application for thermoplastics in agriculture.  A poppet value controls the timing and quantity of the release of gas and vapor in engines.  Poppet values constructed from Torlon can create a leak-free environment.  Metal poppets, however, are prone to leaks, damage to the valve itself and its housing, which will then allow contaminates to enter the engine.  

Aztec Plastics has varied plastic processing portfolio from decades of experience in manufacturing for both the agriculture industry and injection moldable materials, like Torlon and PEEK.  We take pride tackling the most complex jobs and producing the best possible molded products and prototypes.



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