Aztec Services

Quality Control

On site, we have a variety of in-house quality control sevices

Key Benefits of Quality Control

  • Cost savings
  • Added value to product

Capabilities of Quality Control

Federal Products Co. instrumentation:
Formscan 3100 Circular Geometry Gauge
Capable of testing:

  • Roundness
  • Concentricity
  • Radial runout
  • Circular waviness
  • Squareness
  • Axial runout
  • Circular parallelism
  • Perpendicularity
  • Slope analysis (including DR/D0)
Programmable Computer Comparitor:
Starrett/Sigma Optical Quadra-Chek 2000 Measuring Projector with:
  • Optical Edge Detector
  • Electronic Protractor
  • SPC capabilities
Federal Products Co. instrumentation
  • Surface tester
Universal Punch Corp. instrumentation
  • Concentricity Gauge with readout

Various additional optical and mechanical inspection equipment, measuring and testing equipment and gauges, all of which are calibrated to
ISO 9000 Certification Standards.